Lida Abdul
14 february 2008

The exhibition of the Afghan artist Lida Abdul opens on February 14 at the Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, in collaboration with Giorgio Persano, Turin. Internationally renowned artist, Lida Abdul expresses herself mainly through performances, videos and photos. His art is cultural mediation, a subjective expression of universal concepts such as nomadism, precariousness, suspension … His thoughts often go to war, part of the life of the artist and his people, but it is not aimed at destruction, as for reconstruction and rebirth. There is no blood or violence in the re-enactments that Lida Abdul makes of her land. White dyes people’s souls and places, but at the same time represents their stubborn confidence, the hope of starting over. By making objects and people uniform, color brings out the subject from the context of the landscape. What remains of the barbarism are some ritual gestures, significantly repeated in videos and photos, as in “Clapping with stones”, shot in the Bamiyan valley, where the Taliban blew up the Buddha sculptures. The sound strengthens and scans the image. The artistic gesture of the performance acts as a sounding board for human memories, charging them with a new, high, immortal meaning.

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