con Monica Bonvicini, Teresits Fernandez, Carlos Garaicoa, Mona Hatoum, Roni Horn, Marc Quinn, Juliao Sarmento, Rosemarie Trockel
18 june 2008

“Conceptual Art is above all an art that has the concept as a material. Since the concept is closely connected to language, Conceptual Art is a type of art that has language as its material”. Thus the American artist Henry Flint, in the article Concept art, published in 1963, defines the artistic current that favors the mental dimension of the work more than its physical reality, coming to declare written language as a work of art. An indication already present in a nutshell in the work of Giulio Paolini Geometric Design, executed in 1960, which, according to its author, consists of “the choice of copying on the canvas, in the right proportion, the preliminary drawing of any drawing, that is the geometric squaring of the surface “.

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