1970-2008 con Alighiero e Boetti, Joseph Beuys, Victor Burgin, James Dine, Hamish Fulton, Eberard Havekost, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Brice Marden, Giulio Paolini, Marc Quinn, F. Sanback, Mario Schifano, Richard Tuttle, Rachel Whiteread
29 april 2008

The limited editions collective exhibition opens on 29 April at the Galleria Alessandra Bonomo. Limited edition works by Boetti, Beuys, Burgin, Dine, Fulton, Havekost, Hirst, Hume, Marden, Paolini, Quinn, Sandback, Schifano, Tremlett, Tuttle, Whiteread. In this exhibition, a series of limited edition works. Different artists, but a single theme: the work of art and its reproducibility. Like a precious book, or a rare jewel, a contemporary work of art can be replicated. One of five, ten, one hundred … Many works are made in more than one copy, such as photos of great artists, or bronze sculptures, which are always produced in at least three copies. Many examples could be cited to demonstrate that seriality does not in any way reduce the uniqueness of the work of art. This allows you to appreciate the same work at the same time in different places, perhaps from opposite parts of the world. In this way, not only is the value of the image not diminished, but it becomes an icon. Just think of Andy Warhol, who wanted to create many of his most important works such as screen prints, precisely to make the work recognizable, an icon, in fact, demonstrating in an exemplary way that seriality and magic can coexist.

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