Harry Adams


Harry Adams is the pseudonym used to present the collaborative paintings of artists Adam Wood and Steve Lowe.
Born 1965 and 1966, East London and Slough, UK
Lives and works in London and Hastings, UK



2018 – Nothing Remains Unchanged But The Clouds, AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-On-Trent, UK
2016 – Water Springs Eternal From The Impossible Garden Of Light. John Marchant Gallery at The Eagle Gallery, London, UK
2015 – An Impossible Garden at the Modernist Ruin. Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Rome, Italy
2014 – Mortal and Perishing Substances. Annamaria Gambuzzi / Paolo Curti & Co, Milan, Italy
2014 – The Impossible Garden. John Marchant Gallery at the Regency Town House, Brighton, UK
2013 – The Lay of the Land. Art&Space Gallery, Munich, Germany
2013 – Man Beast Tree, Snig Hill Gallery, Sheffield, UK
2012 – A Short History of Our Progress Part 3. L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, Clerkenwell, UK
2011 – A Short History of Our Progress Part 2. L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, Clerkenwell, UK
2010 – A Short History of Our Progress. L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, Clerkenwell, UK 2008 – Pandemonium in the English Landscape. The Aquarium L-13, London, UK
2007 – Celebrity Arse Face. As STOT21stCplanB, STDINC Gallery, Clerkenwell, UK
2007 – Pack It In! As STOT21stCplanB, Ink-d Gallery, Brighton, UK
2007 – London -The End. As STOT21stCplanB, The Aquarium L-13, London, UK
2006 – Little Bits of Death on a Sunny Summer’s Day. As STOT21stCplanB, No Glory Gallery, London, UK
2005 – Satan’s Rat Trap and the Mouse that Wound Up Dead (Hey Ho Silver Lining). As STOT21stCplanB, No Hope Gallery, London, UK



2017 – By The Sea, Curated by Harry Pye, Gallery 64A, Whitstable, UK
2014 – Our Friend Larionov, Billy Childish, Harry Adams, Edgeworth Johnstone, Pushkin House, London, UK
2011 – Men Breaking Ice and Fetching the Body of Toni Kurz – Paintings that Celebrate Heroic Futility, with Billy Childish, London, UK
2010 – ART HATE on Cork Street. Cork Street, London, UK
2010 – Visions and Failures – London Art Fair, Art Projects, London, UK
2010 – World Art Hate Day.
2009 – Infiltrations – L-13 Light Industrial Workshop.
2009 – National Art Hate Week – arthate.com
2009 – With or Without God – L-13 Light Industrial Workshop.
2009 – Dark Times, Editor’s Choice – F-ish Gallery, Hastings, UK
2009 – Mission Accomplished. – L-13 Light Industrial Workshop.
2009 – Red Rag to a Bull – Save Our Urchins Art Appeal, redragtoabull.com
2009 – Visionaries – Wallspace, London Wall and the Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham, UK
2008 – THE ASSISTANT for Mayor. Mayoral election campaign. The Aquarium L-13 and miracleartandinspiredsanity.com.
2007 – Eat Shit, Millions of Flies Can’t Be Wrong. The Arts Organisation, Nottingham and Mare Street, Hackney, UK
2006 – The Aquarium All Stars Christmas Spectacular.
2005 – Pax Britannica – A Hellish Peace. The Aquarium, London, UK
2004 – I Hate Your Guts – The Aquarium Gallery, London, UK
2003 – The Situationist International and After – The Aquarium Gallery London, UK
1991 – Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child – pop-up show at the Film Collective, Camden, London, UK



1988-1991 – Scholarship and materials grant, Byam Shaw School of Art, UK
1989 – Byam Shaw Print Prize, UK