In 2016 I spent 3 months in Rome staying up on the hill in the Gianicolo area above Trastevere.
On my many walks into the center of Rome I would cross the Tiber river, always stopping looking at the river. The experience of the endless stream of water brought up the same feeling I had as a young boy trying to wrap my head around the fact that the universe is endless.
Above from the bridge or from the banks I would sit and watch and listen to the river.
Thinking about its existence into the future and the past. It was the first thing I filmed with my small handheld stills camera that has a video function. In the three months I spent in Rome I never set out to make a film, but did capture some moving images here and there.
Last month I sat down to edit these clips into this short film. I did it in one evening trying to be as spontaneous as I was capturing the footage. When I looked at the clips there was one thing that kept returning the river.